Picture of the day: Wild Prairie Flowers Bloom in Three Rivers, California

We were somewhere near Three Rivers, today, when I noticed the landscape explode into colour. Forget Sony Bravia’s ridiculously contrived ads – this was the real thing.

Spring flowers bloom outside Three Rivers area

Rolling California hills that were aready so intensely green exploded  like confetti with a moving profusion of intense new hues – wild, American priarie flowers were in bloom.

Early rains coaxed the flowers out to play sooner than expected. In the picture, I’m crouched and buried up to my sholders in them, as an aerial orgy conducted by wildly excited bees buzzes around. The honey gatherers seem to be flying crazily – drunk on the unimaginable surplus of pollen. It’s infectious.

The air is redolent with a fecund cocktail of seductive smells. I feel drunk on them, too. If they didn’t possess such a delicate beauty, I imagine nothing better than rolling and romping around in them.

Ah well, so we were in Death Valley too early for the desert flowers. Yet this embarassment of colourful on the fringes of the Sequoia national forest have more than made up for that.

If you’re able to experience them first hand, I urge you to. If you can’t, I hope this post and these pictures help you imagine this moving spectacle of Nature at her most florally seductive.

  1. The yellowwildflowers in the photo are fiddlenecks, mixed with some white popcorn flowers. Three Rivers is mostly the native plant community that is called “blue oak woodland.” It isn’t prairie. You can see the blue oaks in your photo. Just now my favorite scent is coming from the wild lilac, or ceonothus, bushes that are in bloom. Greetings from Elsah Cort, member of the local Alta Peak Chapter of the California Native Plant Society, and local Three Rivers artist (lived in Three Rivers for 33 years.) Yes, spring has come a bit early here this year. It is going to be a spectacular bloom for the next month, as the rest of the wildflowers make their appearance. Visit us on the Studio Tour next weekend, Mar 19-21. http://threeriversartstudiotour.com

    • scotdevine said:

      Hi Elsah, thanks for checking out my post and for leaving the comment. Great comment – good knowledge. I humbly bow to your suoperior wisdom! And aim to continue to marvel at the flowers along the way.

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