Pics of the day: Yosemite

Carving through the Californian countryside in our coupé, driving from the cosy Three Rivers area to another stunning natural wonder, I was pessimistic.

With so many visits to so many US national parks in such a short space of time, had I gottenover-stiumulated by America’s natural wonders? Would I suffer ennui from being bludgeoned by beatific superlatives? These were my concerns as we weaved our way up and down mountains to Yosemite National Park.

As I seem to discover time and time again with this country, I needn’t have worried. At the ‘Tunnel View’ viewpoint where you can stop to get your first eyeful of Yosemite Valley – and, trust me, you will stop – you look out at a picture you will have seen thousands of times, but still feel like you’re the first to lay eyes on this natural paradise. Even the most jaded eye will feel fresh upon viewing.

This is a timely video from Yosemite’s lark rangers – check it.

We’re heading back there today to explore it even more – and I expect it to feel just as fresh and life-affirming as I did yesterday.

I’ll write a bigger post on Yosemite later. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy these images.


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