New home

Should have mentioned this ages ago…I’ve moved this blog over to


  • Name – the “Pop Culture…” dynasty of blogs grew out of a writing style when I was  a little younger, a little hipper, a little more plugged into pop culture. My travelling is much more hippy like, and driven by doing stuff, by nature, sport and adventure. The leafcutter ants that I loved when travelling seem to be apt inspiration – they work together to have a good time all without fucking up resources.


  • Layout – I wanted a little more creative freedom than that afforded by the free (and awesome) templates


Unfortunately, I don’t update the blog as much as I wanted to. Starved of travelling since a I returned from my round the world trip, I’m also an expectant father so it looks like travel might be difficult for the forseeable. I’m a kind of in-the-moment 110% person, so if I can’t travel then I find it hard to stay interested in maintaining it alongside all the other stuff going on in my life.

If I can maintain it and make it useful, I will. If not, RIP.


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