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I love this photo that I took of a horse sculpture in the reception of the Bellagio. I’m not saying it’s great, I’m just saying I love it – it’s art in true Las Vegas style – glitzy and glittering.

The Bellagio’s attitude to low rollers (even no rollers) like me walking in to simply gawp and snap is great – there’s none of the sheer snobbery you would get walking into a similar hotel in Europe to do the same thing. They don’t care who comes in – they want you to see the splendour. Maybe more places should be as open-door.

When I noticed this brilliantly bejewelled beast, I was still cynical about, if not downright resistant to Sin City’s brash charms. That said, as the city’s neon heat radiated through the night, I warmed to its ‘I am what I am’ honesty.

This picture certainly represents a turning point in my attitude to the town. Indeed, from this moment on, I stubbed my own snobbery out like a final cigarette, and embraced the world’s party capital a little more.

Sometime’s a little of the ole razzle-dazzle goes a long way. In this case, I think it certainly does. So here’s a taste of it for you. I hope you enjoy.

Sculpture in Bellagio, Las Vegas